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Where are we going?

Posted by CAULEE NADEN on January 22, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (1)



I wish to draw the attention of the community on the issue of the celebrations (date, day and time) of some of our festivals. In fact there is confusion on the exact date,day date and time for the celebration of a number of our religious ceremonies and festivals. As far as I understand we have a unique panchangam and it goes without saying that there should be a unique interpretation of the predictions mentioned in this book. Unfortunately it seems that there are different schools of thoughts and different interpretations. This way of doing things is causing a total confusion in the minds of our young generations. For example some countries have started the thai poosam cavadee fasting on the 17th January while others have started on the 18th January. Some kovils have performed the ceremony in the morning while other kovils have done it in the afternoon.Now it is being said that in the coming years, the Codi Errakam (the flag raising ceremony) would be held before sunrise .I think it’s high time that those involved in the policy decisions of our kovis sit around a table and synchronize their decisions according to our shastras and also take into account the reality of Mauritius. One thing that we should bear in mind is that the celebration of any festivals is unique and specific to a country. Mauritius cannot become a carbon copy of India .We are unique and we have our own ways of celebrating but which respect our shastras, customs and rites. For God’s sake do not change things for the sake of change and which might in the future have a negative impact on the young generation.

Another issue which I would like to share is that we are building too many kovils. Why are we building so many kovils worth millions of rupees? Is it really God’s wish  or is it just the extravagance of some leaders. Are our brothers and sisters rushing to these kovils everyday? What about kovils attendance? It would be interesting to hold a simple survey to find out the ratio number of kovils to the Tamil population / attendance. This money could have used to set up a trust and help our brothers and sisters to go for further studies/ tertiary education. Our religious books teach us that our body is the greatest kovil for God to reside. The construction of this simple kovil does not need millions of rupees, it just need love, devotion and bhakti. God does need a house worth millions!!!!!




Ethnicite et BLS

Posted by Dravidian Lover on October 7, 2012 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Pourquoi on est en train de tergiverser sur le BLS quand on sait qu'a Maurice tout est fait en se basant sur l'ethinicité. On ne sortira jamais de ce gouffre, qui est politiquement correct.