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Quotes I have been a regular reader of your e magazine which keeps me connected to the Tamil community in Mauritius.It is heartening to see the community Leaders foster the language and culture to the Generation next which is very crucial to maintain a distinct cultural identity and serve the Mauritius Nation building .Also building bridges between the polyglot communities that makes Mauritius a Rainbow Nation Quotes
arni narendran
Deputy General Manager of a Bank-based in India

Quotes Pathirikai is an excellent initiative. Congratulations to the team. I wish that members of the community benefit of this free and valuable journal available online. Nandri. Quotes
Batma Coopamootoo[Mrs.]

Quotes Pathirikai is an excellent initiative. Congratulations. I wish that members of the community benefit of this free and valuable journal online. Quotes
Batma Coopamootoo[Mrs.]

Quotes Je suis le Pathirikhai depuis assez longtemps c'est une chance pour la communaute tamoule d'avoir une presse sur le net . Je pense que cela est tres bien vue par tous qui sont concernes et qui vient combler une lacune. Tres longue vie a ce jornal qui depend quand meme un peu de nous aussi qui de temps devraient etre plus proactifs en nous associant un peu plus pres. c'est a dire de donner de temps a autres des rubriques a etre publiees. Vanakkum Quotes
Technicien, MPI

Quotes It's nice going thru Pattrikai and feel like visiting Mauritius. Hope to connect with my tamil friends... Quotes
Nice to connect

Quotes congrats to the pathirikai Editor. because geographically Mauritius is situated too far from India & other countries. so naturally once in a blue moon we use to receive Mauritian news. Now pathirikai the first E-magazine from mauritius bridging the gap with updated Mauritius Indian community news to the world Tamil community. Thanks and keep it up. vanakkam. kurinjivendan Quotes

Quotes உங்கள் முயற்சிக்கு வாழ்த்துகள்..வாழ்க தமிழ், வெல்க தமிழர்..தேமதுரத்தமிழோசை உலகெங்கும் பரவும் வகை செய்வோம்.. நன்றி.. வணக்கம் Quotes
வணக்கம்.. வாழ்த்துகள்..

Quotes vanakkam, a very good initiative, hope this will help in moulding our community and strengthen our tamil people. Quotes
Dr T .Paryanen

Quotes A good and laudable initiative. Keep being 'apolitique' n it would be a nice reading journal. Quotes
Anbah Sabaputtee
Executive Clerk-MITD

Quotes Many thanks for providing list of kovils where Govinden thiruvizha is being performed. Quotes
Krishna Rajoo Poinen
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