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Tells us your appreciations. It's important for us and for our readers.

Quotes Very good job , Keep it up ! Quotes
Devina Caulee Ramsamy

Quotes Went through the issue and the site, very professional work! Keep it up and win the respect of all with Murugaperumaan's blessings! Quotes
Revathi Sunassee

Quotes " Ovvoru maathamum ungaLudaiya Pathrikai, naaLoru padamum maathamoRu nikazhichiyum paRRi azhakaay viNNilirunthu vizhumpodhu,adhaik kaNdu rasikka migavum makizhchchiyaay uLLadhu"(=When your monthly Pathirikai drops daily pictures and monthly cultural events from the sky,it is so very delightful to enjoy the reports.). Quotes
Vridhachalempillay Subramaniam
Inspired Participant Reader

Quotes Pathirikai is an excellent initiative. Keep up the good work! Quotes
Harmon Chellen
Director, Hotel School of Mauritius

Quotes It's very important to know about our origin and culture, as this will enlighten our path in the future. That is what exactly Pathirikkai is doing, just like a torch spreading a cultural beam. Quotes

Quotes Pathirikai caters for many of our requirements as Tamil youngsters. It is a much needed platform, along with others, to catalyse our development and further aspirations, taking into consideration the modern trend of living too. In short, a perfect shepherd.. Quotes

Quotes We must struggle to keep our culture and Language alive. Very good initiative. Bravo mame. Keep it up. Long live tamils and tamil language Quotes
Siva Vencatachellam

Quotes Congratulations Keep on doing the good work. All the best Quotes
Dr Ponnadurai Ramasami
Senior Lecturer

Quotes A communication vehicle that bring to light rich information to a wider audience and I view it as a sort of inspiration to our Tamil compatriots. Quotes
Kesseven Padachi

Quotes laudable initiative from the Pathirikai team. I know that mounting this website was not an easy task. congrats to this team. Since it's here, I would request all our Tamil brothers and sisters to make effective use of this communication platform. Quotes
rammalingum mudalli
Secretary Chemin Grenier Mariamen Kovil Tamize Kazagam