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In this Edition

1. Interview of Mr L Soobramanien

2. Les petits dévots

3. Song for Aadi Padinettaam Perukku

4. Purattaasi for World Peace

5. God and robots: Will AI transform religion?

Special 10th Anniversary Edition

Time flies.

Ten years back we started publishing online. Pathirikai, indeed, came at a time when there was no platform to convey information of general interest to members of the Tamil community. Few years earlier, there was Vanakkam, a monthly printed paper edited by Dr Vel Pillay and his team, to which I was proudly contributing, together with my friend Deerajen Ramasawmy. Dr Pillay, was investing a lot of efforts and money in his project, hoping that one day, it will become as popular among the community, as other similar newspapers. Unfortunately, this never happened. Other Tamil newspapers, such as La Lumiere, had similar faith.

The objective in those days was to attract the youth; the printed paper was found to be obsolete. Everyone firmly believed that an online platform would have done marvels. Since the inception of Pathirikai, there has been an explosion of online information platform and blogs, to the extent that information is conveyed in real-time and in live. Consequently, Pathirikai did not really take-off. After ten years of continuous effort, the expected support from Tamil organisations did not happen. Except for some passionate writers, very few contribute in terms of articles write-up. Hopefully we may still be around in the next ten years.

Long live Tamizh mozhi

Long live Pathirikai.

My heartfelt nandri go to the following supporters (in alphabetical order)


Annavee Ganessen

Caullee Soopaya

Caullee Vinayegum

Karruppudayan Kavinien

Mauree Parama

Naidoo Gopala Krishna

Perumal Adi Sankara

Ponnusamy Krish

Ramasawmy Deerajen

Subramaniam Vridachallempillay

Vellien Sandana

Interview of Mr Loganaden Soobramanien
President of Tamil League

Extract of interview of Loganaden Soobramanien (Barlen)

Vanakkam Vandana and Vanakkam to readers of Pathirikai.

First of all, on behalf of Tamil League I would like to thank Pathirikai to choose the President of Tamil League as guest for the month of October.

Let me introduce myself, I come from a very modest family of four children, two sisters and one brother, I am the eldest of the family and at very young age following the demise of my father I have the responsibility to take care of the family and we all manage to make a position in the society.

Professionally I hold a Diploma in Chemical Analysis, a Degree in Agri-Science and Technology, and a Master in Business Administration. Currently, I work for the Mauritius Standards Bureau as Manager of the Food and Agriculture Department, I am an IRCA certified Auditor and MQA registered trainer for ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and Food Safety Management System based on HACCP and ISO 22000. I am also an MQA registered trainer and Assessor for Laboratory Accreditation based on ISO 17025 for the Mauritius Accreditation Service (MAURITAS).

Besides being the President of Tamil League, I am also involved in other activities in the sport sector. I am the Secretary of the Mauritius Badminton Association and member of the Comité Mauricienne de Pierre de Coubertin who is the father of modern Olympic and with the mission to share the values of Olympics among the youth.

I have heard of Tamil League from some relatives who are members and having participated in some of Tamil League activities have compelled me to join the Tamil League. I have been a member for quite some years before joining the Managing Committee. Thereafter I have been assigned the responsibility of Assistant Secretary and later act as the Secretary. In 2019 I have been chosen by the MC members to act as the President of the League.

Tamil League is among the oldest registered association in Mauritius, it was founded on 27 February 1937 with its seat at Port Louis. Later Tamil League moved to Réduit. We have 400+ members and some 200 supporters who directly or indirectly contribute to the success of our activities.

The vision of Tamil League is to be “The Centre of Excellence for our Community in the Rainbow Nation” We want our members and the community at large to recognise Tamil League an association where excellence is at the core to all its activities, where good governance prevailed and an association they can trust.

The Tamil League stand guided by its Rules and Regulation where the responsibilities and the objectives are clearly defined. The objectives of the Tamil League are

  • To promote the Tamil Language among our community. Tamil Language is the identity of the Tamil community and Tamil Language is recognised as the language of gods and has stood the test of time and which is the heritage that our ancestors have left for us. It is our duty to promote it and at Tamil League we have regular Tamil classes going on for different levels. On Saturdays we have the Pechu Tamizh Class run by Aya Kadrivel Sornum for whom we are very thankful as well as others who have contributed.
  • To promote the cultural traditions and belief of the Tamil Community.

Tamil League is actively involved in promoting the Tamil arts and cultures by organizing different activities like traditional song competitions, folk dance competitions, kolum competitions, drama, talks on traditions and culture, culinary shows to promote our traditional foods and saraspadee poosei focusing on the cultural aspect with a chosen theme where children and others are actively involved.

  • To organize activities for our members and members of our community.

Tamil League organize different activities for its members as well as for others like the annual Treasure Hunt, Karate, Yoga, sport activities, health day, environment day, annual dinner, Christmas party for the kids, neighbour get-together.

  • To assist the needy of the community. Tamil League has established two funds thanks to all our sponsors,
  1. The A.V.Chettiar CSR Fund where we provide a box of foods on a monthly basis to some 30 families across the island, we also provide financial assistance for overseas medical treatment, and we assist other persons or organisation in their endeavour to help the community.
  2. The A. Pyneeandee Education Fund to assist needy student to follow the tertiary studies properly, by paying the registration fees or by providing educational materials for their studies.

Tamil League has always worked in close collaboration with other Tamil Associations and will continue to do so for the benefits of its members and the Tamil community. One Tamil Organisation where we work in close collaboration is the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust. Traditional and devotional vocal classes, Bharatnatyam dance classes and instrumental initiation like veena and mridangam are held at Tamil League.

We know that communication is one of our weaknesses. But a lot have been done to remedy the situation. In the past we communicate to our members through newsletter sent by post, and we have found that most of the newsletters sent did not reach the destinations for different reasons and as such the members are deprived of the message communicated. We are now sending E-Newsletter by mail to all members who have an email address for a more efficient and rapid communication.

We are also revamping the existing Tamil League website; it is under construction and will be live soon. This will address the communication issues that our members are facing.

Tamil League has played a great role in the development of the Tamil Community and continue to do its best to promote the well being of the Tamil Community. I have already stated the different activities that we have at Tamil League for the Tamil Community, it is up to them to use the facilities offered. We sincerely encourage all those who want to have a glimpse of the involvement of the Tamil League in the community and its activities to come and meet us we will gladly explain our role.

Tamil League is one of the oldest Tamil Association registered in Mauritius. We will celebrate our 85th anniversary on 27 February 2022. A calendar of activities over the year in being prepared to celebrate this milestone with grandeur.

Concerning future projects, Tamil League have an ambitious project that will be discussed in the coming AGM and as a scoop to Pathirikai, three major projects are in the pipeline, namely, to have a synthetic football pitch at Tamil League, to construct a gymnasium to indoor games (Badminton) and to build a Guest house/Studios for rental to university students and professional working in the vicinity. With these 3 projects we are pretty sure of the future of the Tamil League in terms of financial sustainability. An association with a sound financial stability will be in a better position to fulfill its objectives and to serve the community better.

Les petits dévots

Par Amassi

Amassi, dont le vrai nom est Sandiren Yadassen PALANIANDY est un habitant de la localité de Mont Roches à l'ile Maurice. Informaticien à la douane, il écrit des poèmes dans son temps libre pour commémorer des évènements et les partage avec son entourage.

Pour donner le sourire aux enfants avec un handicap visuel, il écrit des contes narratifs pour enfants intitulés "Les aventures de Sandy" pour la bibliothèque sonore Jacques Cantin Talking Books Association de Beau Bassin.

Il vient d'écrire son premier livre "Les petits dévots" qui illustre son expérience, les origines du Cavadee et les coutumes entourant cette grande fête religieuse.
Ce livre est partagé gratuitement pour promouvoir au mieux, la culture tamoule.
Passionné par les rimes, cet écrivain et poète nous emmène dans un univers riche en émotions.

Quelques extraits du livre

Cliquez pour télécharger le livre

  • Les dix jours de jeûne
  • La levée du drapeau
  • Le Cavadee et son origine
  • Le Vel et l'Idumban
  • Le Kudam
  • La veille
  • Le jour du Cavadee
  • Les rituels en présence de l'élément de l'eau
  • Le cortège
  • La marche vers les cieux
  • Les mains fuschias
  • Le Cavadee : Une tradition familiale

Lors du Kodi Ettram, le premier jour du jeûne, le drapeau aux emblèmes de Muruga sera

hissé sur le poteau à l'entrée du Kovil selon les rituels. Le drapeau flottera jusqu'à la fin du festival.

Entre chants dévotionnels, les Kummis et Kolathams comme danses traditionnelles,

prières en l'honneur du dieu Muruga, fils du dieu Shiva, la signification de la fête religieuse est expliquée et les conseils pour le grand jour, avisés.

Une statuette de Muruga sera transportée sur un palanquin pour le Kovilvalam, porté sur

les épaules des bhaktans dévoués. Le Kanganam sera attaché aux mains des dévots participant au Cavadee, en gage de fidélité.

Chaque jour des familles s'unissent pour la provision de l'ovéyam et autres donations

et chaque dévot présent lors des prières apporte son aide et sa contribution.

Mon frère et moi écoutons les conseils des parents sur les procédures à respecter.

Comme mon frère est l'aîné, je suis attentivement ce qu'il fait.

Constitué de trois parties, le Vel représente l'arme du dieu Muruga sous forme de lance.

Alors que la pointe représente la victoire du bien sur le mal et la tige symbolise la puissance, la partie large du fer indique l'intelligence.

Le Kudam1 est un sombou (pot en cuivre) porté sur la tête par les dévotes contenant lait ou miel ou l'eau de rose ou l'eau de coco tendre ou du panchamidam.

Une couronne de feuilles est posée sur la tête pour ensuite placer le Kudam.

Des dévots avec leur Cavadee et Kudam sont déjà présents et nous identifions un endroit

approprié pour poser nos Cavadees.

Les deux Cavadees sont posés l'un à côté de l'autre sur des feuilles de bananiers et les rituels associés sont effectués avec des sandales et des fruits.

Après les ablutions et diverses coutumes, les dévots remplissent leur sombou d'offrandes sacrées qui sera transporté durant toute la procession.

Avec la famille, nous décidons de porter du lait dans nos sombous comme offrande sacrée.

Mon frère et moi restons à proximité de notre Cavadee pour se concentrer.

Des Vettri Vel Muruganoukou Arorgara et des Vel Vel Muruga

sont chantés par les dévots comme louanges au dieu Muruga.

Dans l'heure suivante, les joues et la langue de mon père seront transpercées

et nous ne pourrions lui parler.

Alors que prières et autres chants dévotionnels donnent à cette cérémonie toute sa piété,

des dévots transpercent le corps de petits Vels argentés.

Song for Aadi Padinettaam Perukku
By  Gopalakrishna Naidoo

It starts with salutations to River Kaaveri, then ladies sing that they are renewing taali. Then we sing verses 45, 49, 50.53, 60 from Thirukural about love and virtue in marriage. Song ends with salutations to Shiva and Parvadi and praising Thirukural.

Purattaasi for World Peace
By Ravishay Moonien

I am Moonien Ravishay, secretary of Tamil Shanda Counananda Shabay, reg 174 of Avenue John kennedy, Vacoas. Last year we did Go Green Purattaasi where throughout the month of Purattaasi we shared and planted endemic trees almost all over the island. This year in line with the holy scriptures like Vedas, Bhagavad Geetai among others and the name of our sabay which includes "saantha" (Shanda) meaning peace, we dedicated the month of Purattaasi for World Peace.

We started our campaign by planting trees at Grand Bassin for a sustainable environment which is crucial for a peaceful world.

Then the second Purattaasi Sanikkizhamai we organized a "peace by dialogue" with youth of different religious organizations including even the muslims to share about our definition of peace, encourage cultural exchanges and celebrating our differences. This challenging event was organized in collaboration with the Global Peace Chain-Mauritius Chapter(International NGO).

On the 4th saturday of Purattaasi we celebrated Purattaasi Govindhan Poosai at our association and we dedicated all the prayers for World Peace and we performed a mass prayer with lamps on the song "krishna nee begane-colonial cousins".

To end the campaign on the last saturday we unveiled a photo of Magaakavi Bhaarathiyaar who professed a lot about social unity in his poems and even ventured to break the barriers of caste in his "Paapa Pattu", and we did a wreath-laying ceremony at Subramania Bharathi Eye hospital of Moka to commemorate his 100th death anniversary.

Also videos on the teachings of Bhagavatha Geetai, Isha Upanishad and Bhaarathiyaar's poems were shared on our facebook page during the months.

More information on this initiative at this link.

God and robots: Will AI transform religion?

UK, October 25, 2021 (BBC): Artificial intelligence is changing how we interact with everything, from food to healthcare, travel and, now, also religion. Experts say major global faiths are discussing their relationship with AI, and some are starting to incorporate this technology into their worship. Robot priests can recite prayers, deliver sermons, and even comfort those experiencing a spiritual crisis. In this video report, BBC Global Religion reporter Sofia Bettiza has taken a look at whether AI’s relationship with religion is just a gimmick, or whether it can truly transform how people experience faith.

Source: www.hinduismtoday.com

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