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Annuaire des Professionels, Entreprises et Associations Tamoule de Maurice

Welcome! Bienvenue! நல்வரவு

TamilDirect started in April 2008 as a network of Tamil Professionals with the main objective of sharing necessary information to other members of the community. This project was conceived to fill-up the absence of such a database in Mauritius.  We have kept revamping the directory and now into an all-in-one directory. 

Thus TamilDirect has now been extended to businesses and associations also. This facility is being put to members of the community so as to assist them in publicising and promoting their businesses  or associations or themselves.


This is a free service.

Nandri! Om Namaha Shivaya!

D. Venethethan
TamilDirect Administrator

10th October 2008

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